Tour of the Crown Estate

Earlier this week His Excellency accompanied by Alan Blair, HM Receiver General toured some the Crown Estate. They visited the dairy farm of Andrew Le Gallais MBE. Andrew passionately explained about the role of our pedigree Jersey Cow in her Island Home, exemplified not just as the source of unique quality milk to Jersey Dairy, but also as a positive contributor to the rich biodiversity of our countryside, epitomised as ‘brown cows grazing our green fields’, thus adding value to the marketing of her dairy products processed by Jersey Dairy and how she continues to reign as our genuine Island icon, ‘flying the flag’ for the provenance of top quality, tangible products globally.

They also met with Ian ‘Toots’ Le Brun from the Jersey Royal Company, he gave an overview of the famous Jersey Royal new potatoes and how unique potato, is lovingly crafted and carefully grown on the Island since the late 1800s. How Jersey itself is optimal for growing potatoes, with its unique microclimate, soil and environment creating the perfect conditions for this special spud to flourish.