Government House

The history of Government House

Government House stands on St Saviour’s Hill.

It is built on land which was bought by the Reverend Philip Le Breton in 1803 (Rector of St Saviour’s Church) who built a house on the site.

In 1814, Francis Janvrin, a prosperous ship owner, bought the property from the Rector and demolished it. He then built the present Government House on the site and called it Belmont.

In 1822, the Lieutenant-Governor Major General Sir Colin Halkett acquired the house. He was unhappy with the one he lived in, which was in King Street where the New Look shop (previously Woolworths) stands today.

He thought that the Lieutenant-Governor “would at Belmont possess the desirable opportunity of seeing together, without apparent partiality, such of the inhabitants, and strangers, as naturally expected to be invited to Government House”.

During World War II, the house was occupied by the Germans and General von Schmettow lived there as Commandant.

The butler and his wife remained and it was largely due to them that the property remained intact.

Government House today

Today, Government House remains the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor and his wife.

They entertain over 3,000 guests each year at functions in the house and grounds.

Royalty and other important official visitors stay at Government House during their visits to Jersey.

The last time The Queen stayed was in 2005 for the 60th Anniversary of Liberation.

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