Crown property

The Crown owns land and buildings in the Island that it has acquired either by feudal right, escheat or purchase. Its property portfolio currently comprises:

  • four residential properties and one farm
  • over 576 vergees of agricultural land (approximately 1,034,197 m2 or 256 acres)
  • Crown fiefs, which are currently used for recreational purposes or for animal gazing
  • offshore reefs

The Crown’s property portfolio generates substantial revenue for the Island each year while its ownership by the Crown ensures that it cannot be exploited for anything other than the common good.

Gigoulande Mill

The Crown owns this ancient mill which is in a ruinous state having been partially demolished by the occupying forces during WWII.  The mill was one of only four known examples having external “double overshot wheels”.  It had two wheels one above the other; the water which turned the upper wheel then fell upon the lower wheel and turned that.  The site has been declared an SSI and the Crown is engaged in a project to conserve and protect what remains of the mill for future generations.

The Crown is hoping to renovate the old mill pond some half a mile upstream and to link the mill and the mill pond with a footpath subject to planning constraints.


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