The grounds

The drive was previously a public lane to St Saviour’s Church. It was bought by General Robertson in 1810 on the condition that it was not closed to the public until the new military road (now St Saviour’s Hill) was completed.

The 12-acre grounds include a variety of landscapes, gardens and features, such as:

  • a formal garden
  • a woodland valley
  • a walled kitchen garden
  • two small lakes
  • two large rose beds
  • herbaceous and shrub borders
  • extensive lawns

The largest lake, clearly visible from St Saviour’s Hill, was created in 2009.

Large receptions and other events are held in marquees on the lawns. Around the grounds there are trees planted by royal visitors and former Lieutenant-Governors, and a variety of commemorative monuments. The 13-metre wooden flagpole flies the Lieutenant-Governor’s flag when he is in the Island.

The estate is defended by four cannons on the bluff overlooking the town. The cannons were made in the early 19th Century. They are naval 64-pounder muzzle-loaders converted from eight-inch smooth bore to rifled barrels.

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