Reception for the 2023 Youth Commonwealth Games

On Tuesday 18th July His Excellency hosted a Reception at Government House to wish “Bon Voyage” to Team Jersey for their participation in the 2023 Youth Commonwealth Games in Trinbago.

Trinbago Youth Games is the 7th Games, and is the first to be hosted in two different locations.

The Games expects representatives from nearly all 70 countries and territories.

Started in Scotland in 2000. Last Games were in 2017 in Bahamas. The 2021 Games were postponed due to Covid.

Jersey has competed in all but the first of the Games. (04, 08, 11, 15, 17)

The  9 athletes who are travelling to Trinbago have all been selected as they have achieved the agreed Performance Indicators

Team made up of:

5 male swimmers, and 1 female

1 athlete, competing in 100m and 200m

2 triathletes, one male, one female